Real Ajax Multi Uploader
Real Ajax Multi Uploader

Free download Real Ajax Multi Uploader Nulled. This item was published on and sold by author albanx. But you can download Real Ajax Multi Uploader completely free from here. It is also nulled by us to make sure there are no license check.

Real Ajax Multi Uploader v2.7
Real Ajax Multi Uploader is a jQuery javascript plugin for creating with simplicity multiupload file system for web applications.
It is based only on javascript and supports html5 uploading but also is compatible with html4. No flash, no silverlight or other plugins only JavaScript and Html.
Ajaxupload is very simple to use does not need any special skill to set it up. Support Drag n Drop upload and make preview of images. It is applied to any container tag (div, span, p) and all file inputs, forms and buttons are automatically created by the plugin. The CSS and buttons are highly customizable.
The upload server side script is written forPHP and ASPX, but it can be adapted in all server side languages (JSP,PERL).


Examples 1
Basic setup
All options
Upload by Drag & Drop
Restrict file extension
Auto start
API calls
Events and Options
Form Integration and File rename
Database insert file
Thumbnail generation
Works on mobile
Folder Upload with HTML5 on Google Chrome

Drag & Drop upload area can be set for uploading files by d&d

Images preview with a lightbox like before upload

PHP and ASPX upload scripts provided
I18n Translation system provided
Rename files before upload option
Easy Form Integration
Option for creating thumbnial of images on server side
Max file size limit option
4 Theme

Multi file upload on all browsers
Multi file select on html5 browsers
Upload progress information on html5 browsers
File size information on html5 browsers
No flash, no silverlight, on other plugins, only Javascript on html5 browsers
Flash support for IE and not html5 browsers
Support IE 7+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3+, Chrome 4+, Opera

Upload files by chunk, for more performance
Can set number of parallel file uploads
Not dependent by server max post size and max upload file size limits
Automatic detect upload method if html5 , flash or standard upload
Update 26/01/2013
Fix jQuery 1.9 $.browser
Added more check on Flash upload and request type POST
Client side check of the file size
Changed callback scopes to AU object
Changed file input name from Filedata (default of flash) to ax_file_input
Fix Chrome onchange “bug” event when selecting the same file
Update 02/12/2012
Fix Safari 5.1.x bug on Windows
Advanced and detailed documentation on API
Bootstrap theme support
Update 12/10/2012
Fix some flash issue on select remove add upload file sequnce action
Update 23/09/2012
Folder Upload with HTML5 on Google Chrome
Update 16/09/2012
Flash support for IE
Multi file select on IE

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