Free download jSimplePresentation Nulled. This item was published on codecanyon.net and sold by author vp76. But you can download jSimplePresentation completely free from here. It is also nulled by us to make sure there are no license check.

This item represents a new vision of a slideshow, offered as a jQuery plugin.
Some of possible uses :
To use it instead of powerpoint in order to present your ideas
To advertise a product, a website, …
To make an HTML designed book
etc, etc.

Able to use other plugins in addition of this one
Able to load unlimited number of pages
It can contains what you want (a page is a simple div)
The pages (center of the page) are automatically resized with the browser
Fully and easily customizable
Very easy to use
Keyboard navigation (RIGHT / LEFT / SPACE / L)
Slideshow option
Autoplay option
Loop option
Image preloading option
Go to a certain page (with secured input control)
W3C Valid
Works on iOS (iPhone / iPad) and certainly on Android
Three themes included (grey, blue, orange)
4 transition presets
You can write your own transition with a simple function in the plugin call
Transitions can be different for the next and previous actions
Well commented (most actions in the code contain comments)

How to use it
JS – Syntax

autoplay: boolean,
loop: boolean,
intervalTime: integer,
preloading: boolean,
transitionFct: function

JS – Example with a preset transition

var transitionFunction = function(elt, source, transitionTime) {
Transition.opacity(elt, source, transitionTime);

autoplay: false,
loop: false,
intervalTime: 2000,
preloading: false,
transitionFct: transitionFunction

JS – Example with a transition we write

var transitionFunction = function(elt, source, transitionTime) {
elt.css(“opacity”, “0”);

// If we’re going to the next page
if (source == “RIGHT”) {
elt.css(“marginLeft”, “100%”);
“opacity”: 1,
“marginLeft”: “0px”
}, transitionTime);
} else {
elt.css(“marginRight”, “100%”);
“opacity”: 1,
“marginRight”: “0px”
}, transitionTime);

$presentation = $(document).simplePresentation({
autoplay: false,
loop: false,
intervalTime: 4000,
preloading: true,
transitionFct: transitionFunction


Each div with id=”pageX” represent a page.

Each pages must have an id that starts with “page”.

Compatible browsers
This item works with the following browsers :
Firefox 4+
IE7+ (uses a separated css stylesheet for IE less than V.9)

jSimplePresentation is posted under the categories of JavaScript, Sliders and tagged with animation, design, powerpoint, presentation, slider, slideshow, transition on codecanyon.net. You can check the demo / live preview of the item from the links below. You can also FREE DOWNLOAD jSimplePresentation Nulled from the download links below.


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