Creative Unified Forms
Creative Unified Forms

Free download Creative Unified Forms Nulled. This item was published on and sold by author ProspektDesign. But you can download Creative Unified Forms completely free from here. It is also nulled by us to make sure there are no license check.

You will not believe what this WordPress plugin can make for you. You can create forms with unlimited fields, content and looks! You will be able to do any kind of form, feedbacks, quizz, inquieryes and more just by: dragging and dropping + naming fields.
Powerful wysiwyg constructor to design any kind form.
A number of widgets. including: Standard controls (drop-down, multiple select, textarea, text, checkbox groups and radio groups);
Text controls – to type custom text (including html);
Google maps widget – to show location on your contact form.

A variety of settings to control your form looks, including:
Translatable headers, footers and other messages;
4 templates to choose from;
6 color themes to choose from;
customised background layer with new eclipse theme

Full control over label button, you can change:
Text color, background color, border color and border-radius;
You can also upload any image as a label via ajax;

Visibility settings allow you to configure your form to be displayed to certain roles and on certain pages.

Unique export/import functions – you can export your form for others (or just clone it for yourself). You can import form samples form our site.
E-mail notifications and automatic replies upon form submit. Now also featuring powerful token system!
Ability to embed form in any page using tinymce button and even in wordpress menu!
Configureable captcha protection:
10(!) templates to choose from;
Translateable texts and messages;
Full protection from automatic and spam submissions;

All forms (and admin interface) are fully ajaxified.
Watch the video just to understand how powerful this plugin is.

21 jan 2013
New possibility to add inline forms through tokens (check embedding tab)
Major performance improvements
Minor bugfixes
2.2 – 9.11.2011

New datepicker widgetBuilt-in translation into major world languages;
Control over input format;

CRU-DataNew table view of submitted data for easy comprehension;
New export to Excel feature allows to export your data in csv format and then sort/group fields using excel;

Display and control improvementsNew optional redirect field in general tab allows you to redirect user upon form submission to any page;
New display tab feature – autoshow. Allows you to automaticly open form after user has browsed certain number of pages. Useful for feedbacks from users who already browsed your site;
Another display tab feature allows to limit number of form submits. You can select if you want only 1 form submit per user or multiple submits.

1.1 – 11.10.2011

Bug fixes:fixed bug for systems with php short tags disabled;

fixed several graphic glitches;

Embedding:Added button to tinymce editor to add CRU-form on any page;
You can open form from menu: for this purpose you will need to add new menu link and set as title:
cru-form-anchor-[form_id], where form_id = ID of the form, you can find it on your form edit page in embed tab;
New tab on form settings page with ready code snippets for:
– embedding a link on custom page;
– embedding as link in menu;
– form_id for custom embedding;

Form validation:You can set certain fields to be required to fill (textfield, textarea);
For textfield you can select validation behaviour (text, e-mail, number);
Upon submission form will be validated via javascript before submitting;

E-mail system:e-mail settings are moved to separate tab;
you can now enable e-mail notifications to your e-mail upon form submit aswell as automatic replies to user who submitted form. Automatic reply is only sent when there is a text field which is defined as e-mail and it is filled correctly.
you can use tokens in e-mail topics and texts. For complete list of tokens and description please visit this page;
along with pre-defined tokens there are user-defined tokens (named same as your form fields). You can insert them into your e-mails aswell.

Graphic improvements:we have reworked themes for forms, now there are 4 themes that differ by width of the form:
– small (350px wide);
– wider (400px wide);
– wider-clumpered (400px wide, certain form elements like textfields can be 2 fields per row);
– widescreen (735px wide, form elements are stacked in rows now). You need to be careful designing forms with widescreen theme – its recommended to keep elements of same king grouped for visibility improvement;
you can not hide/show form in admin interface clicking on label. It will be very useful for people who have small monitors and want to use wide forms.
added new colorset – eclipse. This one does not have any particular color, elements are white, background is transparent. It will adjust to background layer color (explained futher). It is recommended to use black layer color (#000000) and high opacity (0.8 – 1) for visual improvements;
added theme border radius option – now you can control border radius of your form and elements via this setting independantly, instead of being stuck to certain theme;
added layer options:
– opacity – you can control layer opacity from 0 (transparent) to 1 (opaque). By default its 0.5;
– color – you can set layer color to match your website or specific form settings.
new widget – Linebreak. Useful for wide forms with inline elements. If you put it before big elements like textarea or radio buttons they will go to new line and form will look better. This widget does not have configuration options.

Creative Unified Forms is posted under the categories of Forms, WordPress and tagged with captcha, contact, css, feedback, fields, form, forms, inputs, plugin, quizz, submit, wordpress on You can check the demo / live preview of the item from the links below. You can also FREE DOWNLOAD Creative Unified Forms Nulled from the download links below.

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